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¬†We're going to show you how to go from overworked to automated, supported, and profitable.ūüíę


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11 Women. 
11 game-changing solutions for your business
This Black Friday, eleven powerhouse women joined forces with a mission to transform and revive 55 underserved single-member business owners.  If you are overwhelmed, anxious, or feeling unfulfilled in your operations, we've got more than a band-aid for you! Our signature Save Our Solopreneur's Business Bundle completely pandemic-proofs your entrepreneurial journey. Get ready for expansion and increase! This bundle will change your life and business.
We've got your back! Are you ready to unlock this exclusive bundle? 
The Ultimate Save Our Solopreneurs Business Bundle is valued at $1497!!!
You Pay: $297 
Our goal is to provide products and services that convert to money-making activities. Period!
No Politics. We are real women; just like you. With our support and collaboration, your business will generate the results you've been wanting and needing. Sporadic sales, low traffic, low interaction, and unappreciative customers are problems of the past. This transformational product boosts your current business model rebuilding your systems, structure, and mindset. 
I know you've been eager to find out what's inside this game-changing business bundle. Here's the tea: 
  • The Perfect Social Media Plan.¬†10 Days of Content Creation, Live Virtual Assistant Consultation, Reusable Social Media Content Calendar, Hashtag Hacks, Caption Copy, and Tools to automation your posts on multiple platforms, at the same time.¬†
  • Must Have Legal Agreements + Legal Checklist.¬†Instant Access to easy-to-fill contract templates and a vetted trademark and patent attorney.¬†
  • The Future is F(email) Guide.¬†Email-Marketing for solopreneurs, Done-for-You Welcome Sequences, and Virtual Set-Up Walkthroughs.
  • The 'Ready' Masterclass.¬†A 45-Minute "Ready, Set, Go Business¬†Implementation¬†Strategy" designed to mentally prepare you for entrepreneurship at high-performance. In order to make five, six, and seven figures in your near future, the secret is: it's all in your mind. Learn how to crack the code to mental barriers with this on-the-go accessible¬†course.
  • The Create, Plan, & Execute Digital Planner: A Brain Dumping Optimizer.¬†A digital accountability tool that helps busy solopreneurs take standard operating procedures, daily to-do's, and back-office planning out of their mind and into an organized, customizable journal. This is the perfect tool to plan your product launches, social media campaigns, or manage multiple streams of income activity.¬†
  • The Engagement Accelerator.¬†Learn how to create valuable content that turns into cash without being an expert in social media marketing.¬†
  • The PRO Method for Hiring:¬†Learn how to source, hire, and onboard talent that boosts your revenue and productivity with this product. Learn the fundamentals of managing hiring processes so that you can manifest the dream team you've always wanted.
  • A FREE website audit: Live recordings to show you three quick changes you can make instantly to increase your website traffic and sales conversion along with Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization Tips.
  • A Return on Investment (ROI) Mystery Product: This product + service contribution is just TOO TOO good to mention during pre-sale. Stay on top of your emails to be the first to see our reveal. Just know that you are going to learn how to use FREE tools to create physical and digital products. This product alone will be your money maker.
We'll also send you a Q&A replay! Learn about the offer virtually, hear the solutions to your struggles while meeting the women behind the magic. While watching this replay, you are going to discover
That everything you need is right here! 11 black women are dedicated to saving your business. We are spilling the beans, slashing our rates, and giving you direct access to our communities. You are no longer alone in this journey. You've met your dream team whether it was purposeful or by 'random' divine order. We invite you to meet the lady contributors behind this offer ‚§ĶÔłŹ:
After Watching The Replay:
✅  You will understand the importance of digitizing your business right now to increase your automation and customer reach. Digital Marketing is taking over the world and this event will be your invite to grow your online business FAST. 

✅  Your mindset will transform. You will realize that you have more power as a producer and investor than you do as a consumer. You will be empowered to value your intellectual stock and will commit to not playing small with your magic ever again.
✅   You will have clarity in what your business needs today. You will hear solutions to your pain points and daily struggles. Everything will feel attainable and less intimidating if you watch this replay until the end.
✅   You will commit to your next level. You will no longer look at your elevation as a distant moment in the future. You are here. The moment is now.
Let us make sure you're ready for the increase you will see in your business with our help.

Are you a Single-Member Business Owner? Do you run a business on your own? 

Have you been telling your customers that you have a team when really you are the team? 

Do you have a desire to free up your time?

 Are you looking to expand your income?

Have you been overwhelmed with trying to find the right systems and online products to scale your business?

Have you been struggling with social media, customer retention, website traffic, and consistent sales? 

Are you feeling burnt out?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, we had you in mind when we designed the Save Our Solopreneurs Business Bundle. You should keep reading because your breakthrough is closer than you think. Help has arrived.
Yes, I want some of this black girl magic. I want to meet my dream team! 

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